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The best massage/treatments in Central Texas!

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Do you need help relaxing? Are you looking for pain relief? Have you been told, "There is nothing anyone can do, just live with it"?

Everyone would love to get out of bed each morning without pain or discomfort, or just enjoy a day without these hampers on our way of living. We understand the economy is coming back slowly. When you come to Alpha you will receive a massage that is top in its industry, at an affordable price, treat numerous and acute conditions including: migraines, backaches, neck pain, whiplash, amputees, sports injuries, carpal tunne l, TMJ, scoliosis, bursitis and piriformis syndrome. Therapeutic massage can be used to reduce the chance of getting sports-related injuries, to improve performance during sporting events, and to help treat sports-related injuries. Results from scientific studies also show that therapeutic massage can reduce anxiety and stress levels, increase mental alertness, and increase feelings of well-being. We specialize in numerous types of massage and stretching education, and also treat teen athletes in the presence of their guardian.



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Hours & Directions

Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
We are located at: 1850 Round Rock Avenue, Suite 600, Round Rock TX, 78681 

Hours & Directions

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Phone: 512-716-9879
Fax: (512) 377-1102
Mail: 1850 Round Rock Avenue, Suite 600, Round Rock TX, 78681 

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All massages are stated as 60, 90 & 2 hour massages, however there is a buffer of 5 min on table, 5 min off table. Making them 50 min, 80 min, and 1hr/50 min’s.

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